Achieving Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise

IDC recently reported that “open source makes up 30% or more of the code at major Global 2000 organizations and is increasingly looked to as a resource.”  Technology trends in cloud computing and mobilization,  key areas of IT investment in 2013, are driving the adoption and reliance on open source. But as open source software is more broadly used, IT organizations are struggling to manage, control and ensure compliance.  In an environment where development organizations are under intense pressure to keep pace in competitive markets, a lack of formal policies and ad hoc management practices are insufficient in making sure license obligations are met.

The need to ensure compliance is also being reinforced by the growth in adoption of open source projects using the AGPL license, which closes the distribution loophole associated with the GPL license. At the same time, enterprises creating and distributing mobile apps are becoming more like ISVs, the early adopters of open source compliance processes, and therefore need to proactively manage and control open source.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Compliance challenges associated with unmanaged open source use
  • Five steps to realize the economic, competitive and risk-mitigating benefits of a pro-active approach to open source compliance

Join Karen Copenhaver, Partner at Choate Hall & Stewart, and Counsel for the Linux Foundation, and Mark Radcliffe, Partner at DLA Piper and General Counsel for the Open Source Initiative (OSI) for an informative discussion on this topic.

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