Inner-Sourcing: Community Development Practices
in Corporate IT

Thanks to shifting consumer and customer demands, technology trends, resource constraints, and stiff competition, corporate IT organizations must find faster, more agile and efficient software development processes. To address this, many IT groups are looking to open source community-style collaborative development processes, or what Tim O'Reilly called "inner-sourcing."

But what is inner-sourcing, exactly? And how can the open source community's rapid pace of innovation (as demonstrated by mobile, cloud, big data, etc.) be translated to a corporate IT organization? In this webinar attendees will learn about the inner-sourcing concept and:

Topics covered and questions answered in this webinar include:

  • Where it fits within IT development organizations
  • How it enhances existing development methods such as agile
  • Its benefits and unique characteristics
  • Examples & case studies to illustrate the process & value

Our speakers are two experienced consultants from the open source community, Guy Martin, Managing Principal Architect, Red Hat, and Andrew Aitken, VP and GM of Olliance Consulting, a division of Black Duck.

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