Inner-Source Fundamentals: Egalitarianism, Meritocracy and Measuring Success

This is the third in a series of webinars (Inner-Sourcing: Community Development Practices in Corporate IT and Understanding Inner-Source Fundamentals: Transparency, Collaboration and Self-Organization) covering the inner-sourcing concept of using open source community-style development methods and best practices in internal development organizations. In this installment, Guy Martin from Red Hat and Andrew Aitken from Olliance Consulting, a division of Black Duck, will discuss successful inner-source efforts including:

-- Egalitarianism, the value of creating and providing open project access regardless of rank/position
-- Meritocracy, the benefits of promoting the idea that developers’ contributions determine their level of influence and role within the project

Additionally, this webinar will cover the challenging task of defining “success” in inner-source communities by suggesting the necessary elements which must be incorporated into quantitative and qualitative metrics.

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